I am making these things:
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OrthoCaroilna is the nation's leading independent academic orthopedics practice with numerous locations in North Carolina. Traditionally, Ortho used OOH for directional purposes. This time they were open to trying something a bit... different.
After spending hours in a brainstorm, it was decide that in its simplest form, Ortho, takes the broken and fixes it. Clearly, we needed to break billboards all over the city and have Ortho fix them. A year later, 7 orange bulletins and three double stack posters all appeared in the market broken. For two weeks, people were questioning them, coming up with their own ideas as to the meaning, talking via social media, and calling the Adams office to make sure everything was okay. 
Weeks later, OrthoCarolina, fixed the boards with stitches, casts or slings. To solidify the 
message, 16 “fixed” posters were added to the rotation. Both the client and the public were thrilled with the result. Ortho claimed their space in the market as innovative, local and trusted.  
If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, if it is Ortho will be the first to come to mind in Charlotte.