I am making these things:


We all have great ideas. My passion and talent is most clearly exhibited in bringing those ideas to life. With experience in advertising, marketing and design, I take joy in talking with people about their business or passions and helping them translate these thoughts into a campaign, movement or event. Capitalizing on my expertise in Out of Home creative, I approach every project with the goal of making it simple, potent and memorable. Please make yourself at home and don't hesitate to say hi!   



Thought Process


As a creative thinker, collaboration plays a tremendous role in my daily life.  Good ideas may start with one person but they become great when built up by a group of users, thinkers and consumers. With that in mind, I have found that I strive to be less of a manager and more of a leader.  People want to be influential in their thoughts, not just be a part in someone else’s idea. Helping individuals to find their strengths and passions and then allowing and encouraging them to capitalize on these discoveries, is where success is found.  As a leader, I challenge myself to give credit where deserved, provide room for growth and challenge people to take ownership in their work. I am the first to admit that my idea is not always the best solution. This however, doesn't stop me from saying it out loud and furthering a collaboration until the best is found.


When I started my career as a designer, I understood that design has a function and can solve problems. As I have explored new opportunities and disciplines, this idea has expanded exponentially. Design is not just about making things look good, but rather, making things feel good, work well, enhancing the quality of life and creating or influencing change. The thought process through which we approach our daily lives can lead us to design better a world. Yes, I am designer by trade but, you are a designer also. How are you designing your life and the space you call yours? I would love to have a cup of coffee and hear your thoughts!


I love my work and it my goal to always feel this way. It is important for me to diversify my time between work, play and passion in order to give my best to each category of my life. I have taught myself calligraphy and this past time has been so generous in inspiring me through my design work and relationships. Having a healthy and vibrant balance in life is essential to continually being inspired, motivated and successful. It seems when things are balanced, work, play and life become blurred and everything benefits. 


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