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A Moment in Time

A new year is here again, another time to reflect on the collection of moments past and thoughts for the future.  

We are obsessed with time. How old are you? When will that happen? How long until? When was that? It passes by quickly and yet sometimes seems to stall. One moment mundane and the next, breathtaking. How we spend it is in our total control and how it passes is unwavering. It is our most treasured possession. 

In general, I am introspective person and I cherish shifts in time where natural reflection happens. This year, these moments have been plentiful. Starting the beginning of 2016 in Charlotte working full-time as an Art Director, I would have never imagined what would ensue in the following 12 months. Those are the things I would only day dream of and imagine. Never put into action.

Yet, here I am. Thousands of miles later.

2016 was the year that I traveled through 13 states, hiked hundreds of miles, left my comfort zone, said no to things that didn’t serve me, fought for those that did, spilled ink pots while lost in moments of creative exploration, painted windows and walls, made summits, learned to understand my heart a little bit more and proved to myself that I was brave enough to spend my precious time with thoughtful intention.

It has been scary. These are the things that people like me don’t do. Fall in love when it doesn’t make sense. Take a leap without a backup plan. Trust that things will work out.

As this year closes and another begins, it is becoming increasingly more clear to me that this is the only way to live. Relentlessly, with your heart on your sleeve and nervous about the next step. Time is passing and it won’t wait for you to muster up that deep breath, collect your thoughts and take the plunge into the risky, awakening experience in front you. At the end of the day, the only thing you truly own is your experience, creative expression and courage. This is your time to spend. 

Here’s to 2017. May this be just the beginning of a lifetime of adventure, love, creativity and exploration.

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