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Living The Dream is a Choice

You have all heard this before. Be grateful and you will be happy. Good advice, I agree.


In a recent conversation with a friend, I was listening to them explain their day.

My response was, “Good for you! You’re living the dream.” Their quick rebuttal was, “Yeah, well, there’s this and there is that.”

Being Sam, I found this as an introspective moment and thought about my own response, if that statement were presented to me. For the first time, I am so thrilled and proud to say that, yes, “I am living the dream, there is this and that, but this is still my dream.” Hold on, this isn’t some pompous, I’m so great, look at me, blog. Quite the opposite actually.

I am proud to say this because…. Living the dream is a choice. The choice isn’t always to quit your job, move across the country etc. It is the type of choice that you wake up everyday and say, “Man, I love this. I can’t believe I get to do this. I love the people I surround myself with. I love what I am working towards. I love the city in which I live…” That is the most important choice you can make. 

Late to the party, I recently started reading, The Minnimalists. One notion in particular stood out to me. They talked about the anchors we all have in our lives. These anchors can be anything from debts, people in our lives that aren’t positive, tasks, material items, thoughts etc. Essentially, anything that is preventing you from moving forward and having the life that you are proud of.

Ready for this? Here is the good news: YOU can change all of that! No, it won’t happen overnight and sometimes it may take quite a bit of work. However, it is in that process you will slowly find yourself, thinking, “Man, I love this.”

Over the past month of being in Montana, I have been quick to point out all of the things I’m doing “wrong.” “We need to make more money. I need to meditate everyday. We need to only eat vegetables. Nag. Nag. Nag.”  (Just writing the out makes me feel icky. Eh hum… anchor?)

I am certainly one to think, “when I do ___, I will be happy.” (Oh, I’m the only one? You guys are lucky.) On my recent journey it has been, when I meditate or write every day, that will be it, I will be happy.  In the above mentioned conversation with a friend, it hit me, wait, I am happy. All of this, “if, when” talk was getting in the way of simply waking up, taking a few moments to look around, be grateful, take a deep breathe and be in awe of this life.

And, would you look at that? There is my meditation.

There is no doubt I have my own anchors, big ones. However, I know what they are and am making a conscious effort to lift them from the ground and turn them into kites. I feel very Polly Anna writing this post and can hear the comments, “Oh, you’re young. Things aren’t always a walk in the park. You’re going to need a real job one day. You’re living in a fantasy world.”  Fine. Yes, all of that may happen.

Here is the biggest thing I have learned from my adventure thus far, fantasyland or not, we all have the choice to wake up and see the good, remove the bad and live the dream. It’s a choice, and I am going to make it for the rest of my days.


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