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A Lifetime of Adventure


 Here we are. The adventure of a lifetime, or rather a lifetime of adventure.

The last weeks and days have been overloaded with packing, organizing, downsizing, friends, gratefully looking at Jason, trips to the storage unit, reflection, work, and more trips to the storage unit.

As we approach these life changes, reflection just naturally happens. After almost four years, Thursday was my last day of work at Adams Outdoor Advertising. That morning I woke up and thought to myself: I am going to miss this life.

From there, a rolodex of experiences, place and people flooded my mind. While it is true that I hold the all of this close to my heart and will indeed, miss it, the more appropriate emotion is the overwhelming sense of gratitude I have for my first season in Charlotte, the places that built it and the people that made it real.

Packing up two homes, leaving your job, scouring craigslist for a place to live and spending a good portion of time deciding if you like that dress enough to bring it will certainly prepare the mind to stop, take inventory on all of the elements that build a life and reflect. What an incredible blessing to really think about the people, circumstances and places that have been a part of your story.

My heart is full. More than I have ever experienced. Thank you to all of the tremendous people I have crossed paths with. I am forever grateful for you.

Even after all of that, the adventure we are on has not hit me at all. You know what, I’m thrilled about that. Right now, I am on the road to Nashville, and it is stunning. Tonight we will have dinner and celebrate this beautiful life and story we are writing. Then… it’s a new day. Eventually, we will end up in Montana. Until then, there is a lot of life to be lived.

Tomorrow I am turning 27, and I couldn’t think of a better way to start this year. Here is to a lifetime of adventure!

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