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Charlotte Stands for Heroes Needs to be an Annual Event

Growing up, my mom loved Hootie and the Blowfish. By proxy, as an adult, I guess I would say, I do too. While Hootie, now better known as Darius Rucker, was the draw for the Charlotte Stands for Heroes event, he certainly was not the reason. 

Two years ago, Jenn Synder, the Executive Director of the Hood Hargett Breakfast Club went to a show in New York City. That show was the Bob Woodruff Foundation, Stand Up for Heroes event. Being so impacted by the production, Jenn left promising herself, she would bring the show to Charlotte. 

Thursday night was the first annual Charlotte Stands For Heroes. In the days leading up to the event itself, several injured vets from North Carolina were treated to a full day at the Modern Spa, a private tour of the Panther's stadium, and a reception at the Palm among other red carpet treatments. The sole purpose of the event was to honor those that have served our country and help them to thrive upon their return home. 

Hundreds of people filled the lobby of the Knights Theater in uptown town Charlotte prior to the concert. Despite the overly crowded space, spirits were high with anticipation for performances from Sinbad and Darius Rucker. 

Beginning the evening with traditional bag pipes, presentation of the flag, and an emotional performance of the National Anthem by former Voice contender, Meghan Linsey, the stage was set for an incredible evening. A video highlighting the Bob Woodruff Foundation’s mission was shown prior to the veterans being individually honored by name. Several audience members were moved to tears.

The mood quickly shifted as Sinbad took the stage and turned those tears into ones of laughter. Even I, who typically won't think comedy is funny, found myself smiling. A silent auction preceded the headliner, Darius Rucker. He played all the old favorites and had the crowd out of their seats dancing. I’m sorry you missed it Mom! 

The event was huge success and we are lucky to have individuals like Jenn in our city, that make Charlotte better. Props to you, Jenn, thank you for your hard work and honoring those that need our support most. 

Sam WhiteComment