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Boundless Love

Yesterday, my spirit was renewed. I was reminded of and perhaps introduced to a new caliber of the immense beauty and love humans are capable of. 

My dear friends Laura and Phil were married. 

The entire day radiated with perfection. As individuals, Phil and Laura are two of the most endearing, kind and loving people that I will ever meet. Their spirits are steeped in Jesus and by just being in their presence you can’t help but experience their elegant compassion. Together, they are quintessential and unmatched. 

Laura was the first girl I met when I moved to Charlotte almost three years ago. She has been a pillar of support in my life since. Yesterday, I had the honor of being in her bridal party as she walked down the aisle. Being a girl that holds her emotions close to heart, this wedding had my eyes brimming with tears of joy.

As a spectator and minor participant of this event, the experience had a profound impact on me. People poured into this couple with love and support throughout weekend. The community of people that this couple has built with their audacious love, came with open arms. Beyond being able to celebrate their incredible love, I was lucky enough to work alongside several selfless, talented people who truly brought Laura’s vision to life. There is something that happens when you are working to make someone feel special and honored. All of the hiccups, sweat, bandaids and laughs culminate into a feeling of complete wholeness when you realize you have helped make someones moment better. 

Phil and Laura, without realizing to what extent, do this moment by moment with just their existence. To attempt to do the same for them, was a complete honor.  I left the weekend with a heart full of hope, and a vision of the love I hope to build. One of forgiveness, tenderness, passion, honesty, understanding, adventure, fullness, questioning, continual growth and above all else, support from each other and our God. 

Phil and Laura, thank you for inspiring so many people to love fully, wholly and without regret. You two are an absolute gift to everyone you meet. May your years be filled with wonderment and boundless love. 

Sam WhiteComment