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Letters of Intent

Just two weeks ago, I decided to paint our mission statement on the wall of our lobby. I knew that one of the guys in operations, Bryant was an impressive artist. He started in the business by actually painting the billboards. From his experience, I figured he could offer some advice. 
At the mention of the project, Bryant beamed with excitement. "When can we start?" 
"I have tomorrow free?" 

Tomorrow came and we met first thing in the lobby. This was my first large scale lettering project and I couldn't wait to get started. 

I plugged my computer into the projector and casted my original image on the wall. Bryant laughed to himself and made a remark at how cool that was. He typically uses transparencies and an overhead projector. 

Bryant introduced me to lettering enamel, and how to effectively use it with mineral spirits and lacquer thinner. He gave me a tour of his immense collection of brushes and their individual purposes. Then, we started to paint. 

The techniques and processes that Bryant taught me were so helpful and absolutely needed. However, my biggest take aways were the moments in between brush strokes, exchanging ladders and getting more paint. Spending four hours getting to know Bryant and hearing his story was a complete pleasure. 

He told me of his art and his innate need to continually try new things and teach himself different techniques. I could absolutely relate to this notion. He told me of the adventures of his life, his mistakes and his wins. We talked about the times of painted billboards and how he got into lettering and his days of painting cars. He shared his paintings, drawings, carvings, and talked about playing guitar. 

We talked and talked. All of a sudden I looked up and we were done painting. 

It's funny how you can be in the same building for 3 years, and have the occasional passing high five in the hall or small talk conversation but never really get to know a person. Spending the time just hanging out was lovely. 

I suppose it made me more aware of the opportunity we have to be intentional with our conversations and time with those around us.  Everyone has a story to tell. Wouldn't it be a shame if we were just always to busy to hear each other's? 

Yes, I did my first large scale lettering project. I'm so proud of it. Really though, I made a new friend and that's pretty cool.  

P.s. Bryant showed me so many examples of his work. I asked if he was keeping them anywhere. "Nah." I helped him set up a Facebook page to change that. See his work here!

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