I am making these things:
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Since I can remember, I have wanted to work in events, more specifically spaces. Creating an environment that draws people in emotionally and helps them to create memories and experience something, makes me giddy. With a background working with an event stylist and planner, I was brought onto as an intern with the TEAM LIVESTRONG group to help facilitate, plan and execute the three annual cycling events. 

I spent time calling participants and potential riders, which was a moving task in itself. Several of these people were survivors of cancer or were riding in honor of a loved one. Each participant had a tremendous story to tell and were emotionally vested in the events we were putting on. 

Beyond this, I helped support and even put on my own events with vendors to raise awareness and participation. There were countless hours working with local people to make sure every detail of the event was taken care of. This included providing yoga classes, finding bands, creating an inviting space for the vendors to set up booths, and working with caterers. 

To ensure this was a spectacular experience for each and every participant and spectator, my job became much more about designing the ideal environment and rather than planning a cool event.  

Seeing all the strong, sick, healthy, broken and determined people cross the finish line, will be a memory that will stick with me for the rest of my life. The events radiated with hope, remembrance, love and people who personified what it means to LIVESTRONG.