I am making these things:

Design + Branding


Montana Bride is a premiere planning and inspiration resource for Montana weddings. Working with the company on various project for several years, I was thrilled to design the entire magazine from cover to cover this year. To see the entire publication, please pick on up in person at several Montana vendors or click here.  

Directives #ToAMorePerfectUnion

The Directives #ToAMorePerfectUnion poster was a collaboration between copywriter, Matt Olin and I. Released on Inauguration Day 2017, the goal of the poster was to give hopeful insights to our friends, neighbors and strangers through simple directives reminding us that change comes from the small places. The poster was (and still is) available for FREE download on toamoreperfectunion.com  Go get one for yourself! 

OrthoCarolina Broken Billboard Campaign

OrthoCarolina is the nation’s leading independent academic orthopedics practice with numerous locations in North Carolina. Traditionally, Ortho used out of home advertising for directional purposes. This time, they were open to trying something a bit… different. 
After spending hours in a brainstorm, it was decided that in its simplest form, Ortho takes what is broken and fixes it. Clearly, we needed to break some billboards and fix them. Several orange broken billboards appeared all over the city. For two weeks, news was questioning them, people were speculating via social media and Adams Outdoor received several calls explains their boards were broken.

Weeks later, OrthoCarolina fixed the boards with stitches, casts and slings. Both the client and the public were thrilled with the reveal. Ortho claimed their space in the market as innovative, local and trusted. Here is the process: 


Husqvarna is known for having reliable products for big jobs. Using out of home, we portrayed their products larger than life making them the perfect tool for any project. 

Set In Stone Jewelry

Set in Stone Jewelry started as a love for beautiful things. Dawn makes all of her jewelry by hand and sells to local stores and vendors in Charlotte, NC. She came to looking to take her business to the next level. It was truly my pleasure to work on the logo, website and social pressence for Set in Stone. Honestly, how beautiful is her work?

The Bechtler Museum of Modern Art

Every year, the Bechtler has a fundraising Gala to which they invite their donors and supporters. World renown architect, Mario Botta designed the Bechtler Museum and in honor, they were hosting an exhibit on him and decided it should be the theme of the gala. It was an honor to design all of the invitations and on site signage for the event.

Scott Clark Automotive

At the heart of it, buying a car is an emotional purchase. With New Years around the corner and everyone making resolutions, I saw this as a perfect parallel for cars. Using a tease and reveal campaign, I put resolutions that people could relate to up in the market. Two weeks later, the cars that corresponded with each were revealed. 

Dunkin' Donuts

In a world of fragmented media and traffic, out of home works.  It works particularly well for QSR. In working with Dunkin' the most common need was directional and new product promotion. Here is a sampling of the fun creative for Dunkin' Donuts:

Upcycle Life

Hundreds of billboards are taken down and thrown away every year. In order to reduce this, Upcycle Life, collects used billboard vinyl and makes bags, portfolios, business card holders and other various material out of them. In order to help them promote their services and the process they use, I designed this handout that is cased in a vinyl envelope. 

Salvation Army

Salvation Army wanted to do a campaign that helped people to understand what their donations are used for. It is far more than a thrift store. By combining imagery of donations with the outcome, the various components of Salvation Army were clearly described to consumers. 

Second Harvest Food Bank

In a meeting with Second Harvest, the one thing I kept hearing was, "We want to erase child hunger." Great idea. I designed a board that stayed in one location and over time the words child hunger disappeared.